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Citilization For Smart Nation!

Super metropolitan cities in Asia such as tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur have stunningly emerged to developed, convenient, and respectable cities whithin 15 to 55 years time.

This impressive achievement enjoyed by these Asian countries has suggested that a new civilization can be accomplished at rapid paced by employing comprehensive planning and excellent implementation on the ground. This extraordinary achievement should be replicated by government heads ranging from Governor, Mayor, to Regent in entire Indonesia to realize Indonesia as a Smart Nation.

A nation can be considered as a Smart Nation if it is capable of transforming the society into Citilization processes which involve new modernization, new digitalization, and new civilization.

New moderenization can be defined as a moving forward acceleration for the wellbeing by preserving traditional values and identity of the nation.

Meanwhile, new digitalization can be defined as utilizing information and communication technology in spurring governments performance and responsible citizens.

The ultimate goal of both concepts is to build and shape citizens into a remarkable welfare and exceptional culture through new civilization processes.

Citiasia, Inc. provides integrated services through Institute, Consulting, and Development unit for the sake of Indonesia's sustainable growth by serving multi stakeholders, such as governments, businesses, or non profit organizations.

Let's shape Indonesia into a Smart Nation through Citilization Processes!

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Citiasia, Inc. helps governments, non-governments, nd businesses by providing applicable solutions through research, training, consultancy, and development that would lead to a sustainable and remarkable innovation for a better life and equality among humankind, communities and environment.

Citilization For Smart Nation!