Research Center


Citiasia Research Center (CRC) serves valued clients by providing research and analysis services as the basis for decision making, business optimization, monitoring and evaluation by employing baseline, midline, and endline methods.

Competitive Advantages

  • Strongly supported by highly experienced experts combined with efficient and the most recent research technology.
  • Advanced and applicable tools of analysis.
  • Advising alternate solutions in the form of initiative, strategy and innovation.



Citiasia Research Center (CRC) serves clients by carrying out research and analysis for governments, non-governments, and businesses by utilizing robust and efficient research methods.


Social & Policy

Provides social and public policy research to help governments and non-government organizations to find out relevant insights for robust decision making.

Energy & Environment

Provides energy and environmental study to help governments, non-governments, and businesses to gather fact based findings as a basis for policy evaluation and decision making analysis.

Organization & Enterprise

Provides research services for non- government organizations and businesses to seek evidence based insight aimed at improving decision making on enterprise performance.