Training Center


Citiasia Training Center (CTC) serves governments, non governments, and businesses by providing human capital development services through capacity building (training, workshop, seminar) and specialized expertise certification program.

Competitive Advantages

  • Materials are presented in problem solving approach to solve diverse issues derived both from individual factors (knowledge, attitude, and skills) and communal factors (culture, leadership, and governance).
  • Mixed approach of theory, practice, and experience.
  • The trainings are presented of highly regarded experts in its fields.



Education program offered by Citiasia Training Center (CTC) is developed in well structured approaches consisting of several stages starting from initial assessment, theory, strategy and tool, case studies, simulation and coaching to final evaluation. We employ all these stages to ensure that the participants are capable of implementing the training contents.


Governance & Public Service

Provides training that is geared towards governments and non-governments such as public services and complaint handling, smart economy, social development, etc.

Organization & Enterprise

Provides training that is tailored towards non-government organizations and businesses such as human resource management, branding and communication, customer care management, etc.

Certification Program

Provides certification program that is designed for individuals and groups to generate expertise in particular areas such as public sector management, urban planning, human resource management, etc.