• Super Metropolitan
    Cities in Asia

    Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur have stunningly emerged to developed, convenient, and respectable cities within 15 to 55 years time.
  • New Modernization.

    can be defined as a moving forward accelaration for the wellbeing by preserving traditional values and identitiy of the nation.
  • Right plan can
    give you real values!

    Over 24 years experience and knowledge international standards, technologicaly changes

Citiasia, Inc.

Helping government institutions, non-government agencies, and business people by providing applicative solutions through research, training, consulting and development services to produce sustainable and amazing innovations to create a better life and create equality between individuals, society and the environment.

Invergen - as part of Citiasia, Inc. is a global quality national marketing research company that is ready to become a reliable partner for clients by supporting the right decision-making process through strong analysis.

Vocasia - as part of Citiasia, Inc. is a startup company that provides educational content in both courses and special abilities such as hobbies and sports.

Citiasia Center for Smart Nation (CCSN) is one of the strategic wings of Citiasia Inc. in spreading the spirit of building the nation towards Indonesia Smart Nation.