Citiasia, Inc.

Become a leading professional marketing and digital service firm for public and private sectors to contribute in shaping and shifting the nation advancement

Invergen - as part of Citiasia, Inc. is a global quality national marketing research company that is ready to become a reliable partner for clients by supporting the right decision making process through strong analysis

Vocasia - as part of Citiasia, Inc. is a learning innovation that puts forward digital technology as a medium for enhancing vocational skills

Citiasia Center for Smart Nation (CCSN) is one of the strategic wings of Citiasia Inc. in spreading the spirit of building a nation towards Indonesia Smart Nation

Our Services

Citiasia Institute

Research Center


Citiasia Research Center (CRC) serves valued clients by providing research and analysis as the basis for decision making, business optimization, monitoring and evaluation by employing baseline, midline, and endline methods.

Competitive Advantages

  1. 1. Strongly supported by highly experienced experts combined with efficient and the most recent research technology.
  2. 2. Advanced and applicable tools of analysis.
  3. 3. Advising alternate solutions in the form of initiative strategy and innovation.


Citiasia Research Center (CRC) serves clients by carrying out research and analysis for governments, non-governments, and businesses by utilizing robust and efficient research methods.


Social & Policy

Provides social and public policy research to help governments and non-goverment organizations to find out rekevant insights for robust decision making.

Energy & Environment

Provides energy and environmental study to help governments, non-governments, and businesses to gather fact based findings as a basis for policy evaluation and decision making analysis.


Provides research services for non-government organizations and businesses to seek evidence based insight aimed at improving decision making on enterprise performance

Training Center


Citiasia Training Center (CTC) serves governments, non governments, and businesses by providing human capital development services through capacity building (training, workshop, seminar) and specialized expetise certification program.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Materials are presented in problem solving approach to solve diverse issues derived both from individual factors (knowledge, attitude, and skills) and communual factors (culture, leadership, and governance).
  2. Mixed approach of theory, practice, and experience.
  3. The trainings are presented of highly regarded experts in its fields.


Program Pendidikan (pelatihan) dari Citiasia Training Center (CTC) dikembangkan melalui pendekatan yang terstruktur, terdiri atas beberapa tahapan mulai dari penilaian awal, teori, strategi dan alat, studi kasus, simulasi, dan pembinaan hingga evaluasi terakhir. Tahapan ini untuk memastikan bahwa peserta pelatihan akan mampu melakukan implementasi.


Governance & Public Service

Provides training that is geared towards governments and non-governments such as public services and complaint handling, smart economy social development, etc.

Organization & Enterprise

Provides training that is tailored towards non-government organizations and businesses such as human resource management, branding and communication, customer care management, etc.

Certification Program

Provides certification program that is designed for individuals and groups to generate expertise in particular areas such as public sector management, urban planning, human resource management, etc.

Citiasia Consulting

IT Enterprise & Strategy


IT Enterprise & Strategy Unit of Citiasia Consulting provides services to assist governments, non-governments, and businesses to expand organization advancement. In general, our IT Enterprise & Strategy approach falls within 4 (four) stages: initiation, analysis, design, and implementation.


IT Enterprise Solution

Provides IT Enterprise Solution to help governments, non-governments, and businesses to optimize its business process.

IT Strategy Solution

Provides IT Strategy Solution such as IT master plan, IT enterprise architecture, and IT blue print to help governments, non-government, and businesses for diverse business model such as e- government, command center, e-learning, CRM, ERP, HCIS, etc.

Planning & Policy


Planning & Policy Unit of Citiasia Consulting provides planning and policy services to help governments, non governments, and businesses in formulating strategy, designing plan, and framing the master plan or blueprint as the guidelines to obtain particular objectives.


Strategic Planning

Provides Smart Region (City, Regency, Province) strategy and services from readiness assessment, smart city master plan and blue print, smart branding, city (regional) design, etc.

Public Policy

Provides public policy analysis and strategy such as policy academic paper, policy academic paper, policy formulation, regional competitiveness analysis (City, Regency, Province), etc.

Citiasia Development

Organizational Development


Citiasia Development provides organizational development services to help governments, non-goverments, and businesses to boost the performance up both internal and external context. Citiasia Develpment serves our clients in the areas of IT Services, System Inprovement, and Performance Management.


IT Service

Provides integrated IT solution and services such as application, IT support & maintenance, data center, cloud computing, etc.


Provides system and business improvement services such as solution integrator, human capital management, IT audit & assessment, etc.


Provides performance management services such as public relation, advertising, brand activation, etc

Regional Development


Citiasia Development provides regional development mentoring services to optimize a significant performance improvement. In practice, Citiasia, Inc. helps our clients in the areas of IT Services, Project Management, and Smart Branding


IT Service

Provides integrated IT solution and services for Smart City ecosystem such as application, IT support & maintenance, data center, cloud computing, etc.


Provides project management services such as project integrator, program implementation supervision & monitoring, etc.


Provides Smart City branding for tourism, business, and image through brand activation activities such as public relation, promotion, advertising, etc.

Industry Coverage

Industry Coverage

Government and Non-Profit
Industries (GNPI)

Kementrian & Institusi Pemerintah (Negara), Pemerintah Daerah, Lembaga Internasional, LSM, dll.

Finansial Services Industries (FSI)

Perbankan, Asuransi, Multifinance, Sekuritas, dll.

Telecommunication & ICT Industries (TII)

Operator Telekomunikasi, ISP, Elektronik, Komputer, Gadget, dll.

Mining, Oil & Gas Industries (MOGI)

Pertambangan, Minyak & Gas, Energi, Mineral, dll.

Automotive & Transportation Industries (ATI)

Otomotif, Transportasi Publik, Maskapai Penerbangan, Logistik, dll.

Consumer & Retail Industries (CRI)

FMCG, Retail, Restoran, Kafe, dll.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries (HPI)

Rumah Sakit, Farmasi, Apotek, dll.

Tourism & Hospitality Industries (THI)

Perhotelan, Pariwisata, Tour & Travel, dll.

Property & Infrastructure Industries (PII)

Pengembangan Perumahan dan Komersial, Pengelola Gedung, Kontraktor, dll.